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On the Download: DJ Excel’s “Disco Flow” Remix

February 14, 2011

Don’t know too much about this Phil Adé character, other than that he’s one of those nimble, excited young rappers really repping this whole super-nebulous “DMV” movement, but Bmore Original’s DJ Excel turned Adé’s “Disco Flow” into, well—actually, not all that sure how to explain this one. Excel’s made a club song on speed, with the classic breakbeats rushing by rapid-fire—or really, even more rapid-fire than usual—temporarily letting up for some glitchy sample malfunctions and toward the end, a whooshing, nearly dubstep rhythm. Strangely, Excel leaves Adé’s vocals pretty much untouched. The whole thing might even be categorized as some kind of throwback ’ardkore/jungle remix. Given Bmore Original’s recent experiments with next-big-thing moombahton, and now this, Excel’s developing a global approach to club music that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense but is really awesome. Throw in “Boys and Girls,” Jonny Blaze’s recent dubstep experiment, and there just might be some kind of club-not-club mini-movement about to happen.

You can download “Disco Flow (DJ Excel Remix)” here.

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