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Listen: The Seldon Plan, “Fractionation”

February 16, 2011

The Seldon Plan’s fourth album, Coalizione del Volere, due out March 1 on The Beechfields Record Label, values brevity even more than the band’s previous full-lengths, which never pushed very far past the half-hour mark. The new album is over and done with in just 24 minutes, but the eight songs that rush by in that time cover enough stylistic ground and shift moods often enough that it still feels like an album in the classic sense. The band’s lineup has once again gone through a dramatic change, with only founding frontman Michael Nestor and bassist David Hirner remaining from the band’s last album, but the sound, a metronome-steady but occasionally lively take on jangly, literate college rock, is much as it’s always been.

Coalizione del Volere‘s highlights include “Love Your Way”–which contains no elements of the Psychedelic Furs’ “Love My Way” but somehow captures a similar sound and spirit–and the transition from the slow, dreamy “The Sun, the Sea” to the driving, uptempo “Our Time in Rockland County.” But the album jumps out of the gate with perhaps its most immediate pleasures on the opener “Fractionation,” which effortlessly glides from waltz tempo verses to a 4/4 chorus.

The Seldon Plan, “Fractionation” by mbyrne-1

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