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A “Best Of” Rod Lee Mix Not Made By Rod Lee

February 22, 2011

Uncle Jesse put together this Best Of Rod Lee mix for the Philly internet label Crossfaded Bacon (which also released Uncle Jesse’s Glen Tech EP). It’s a near hour of spare break-beats, hilarious/filthy lyrics, and lots and lots of Lee’s inimitable throaty shout-singing. And speaking of shout-singing, not sure how a Rod Lee “Best Of” doesn’t feature “Dance My Pain Away”–or “Stepped Up In the Room” for that matter—but really, those are petty complaints because this mix goes nevertheless. With Rod Lee keeping a pretty low profile lately (save for that Steve Aoki remix last year and a bunch of hip-hop tracks on Caddy Da Don’s Day Of the Don) this is a nice reminder of what the “club king” can do.

Download Uncle Jesse’s Best Of Rod Lee mix here.

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