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On the Download: James Nasty’s The Truth About James Nasty

January 25, 2011

Somehow, we missed out on talking about James Nasty’s The Truth About James Nasty when it was released in early January. This pause tape-like mix of the Moustache Party DJ’s original productions, and a few from his club producer peers like Murder Mark and Benny Stixx, is a breezy, juiced-up journey through club music styles, all crammed into 30 minutes.

Nasty begins with rather spare club productions (think late ’90s style, which no one’s really messing with these days), and sneaks into something fuller and more chaotic (the Blaqstarr-like “Back It Up”), before shifting into his own style (the frantic, rigid “Them Do It Horns”) toward the end. Unlike many single producer mixes, which are often one-note, The Truth About James Nasty never comfortably rests in a certain sound and, instead, opts for this stew of the old and the new.

The most rewarding aspect of the mix however, is the final track “I Got Sunshine,” a subdued, almost beautiful club music take on the Temptations’ “My Girl.” After a particularly wild half hour, it’s a pleasant expression of happiness (not raucous joy or angry catharsis)–and that’s an emotion club rarely ever touches on. It’s so sudden and jarring that it can really kinda hit you in the gut. Can a Baltimore club mix have spoilers? If so, well, probably should’ve thrown in a SPOILER ALERT there.

The Truth About James Nasty (The Mixtape) by James Nasty

The Truth About James Nasty can be streamed above and at James Nasty’s Soundcloud. If you click on where it says “buy this track,” it actually just sends you to a Mediafire link to download it for free. Apparently, he also has plans to release it on cassette which is just too awesome.

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