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Like Baltimore Hip-Hop? Need Some Sneakers?

January 14, 2011

If you head over to any of the Downtown Locker Room locations and buy a pair of New Balance sneakers, you get a free copy of The New Balance Vol. 1, a mix CD from WKYS’ DJ Quicksilva featuring music from DMV Baltimore and Washington, D.C., rappers. Kinda cool, huh? While you’re there, you might want to grab a copy of Say Wut’s summer mixtape Streets of Baltimore 2.0 if you haven’t already. Tracklist for The New Balance Vol. 1 below:

1. Smash—“My Dummy”

2. Tabi Bonney ft. Pusha T—“Make A Killing”

3. Los—“Money Feels Better”

4. Garvey the Chosen 1—“BMF Freestyle”

5. Caddy Da Don—“BMF Freestyle”

6. Comp—“Sunglasses”

7. Tabi Bonney ft. Raheem DeVaughn —“Fever”

8. Gereddi—“Time Out”

9. Fat Trell—“Diamonds”

10. Bear Witnezz—“I’m A Hustla”

11. Don Juan ft. Quicksilva—“Like Me”

12. Like Blood—“Money Over Here”

13. Bossman—“All Over You”

14. Garvey The Chosen 1—“Spend It All”

15. Lola Monroe ft. Trina—“Overtime”

16. Oy Boyz—“Looking”

17. Southeast Slim—“Versace Slim”

18. Smash—“Too Much for Me”

19. Nu The Mayor—“Whole Time”

20. Skarr Akbar—“I’m So Fly”

21. Vu-C—“Bungee Cord”

22. Jay Claxton ft. 100 Grand—“We Getting Money”

23. Kingpen Slim ft. Edley Shine—“21 Gun Salute”

24. Boobie ft. Raheem DeVaughn—“My Way”

25. Caddy Da Don ft. DJ Kool—“Shake It for Me”

26. Mullyman—“She Hurtin’ Em”

27. Phil Ade—“Toast 2 Life”

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