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Out of Your Head Launches Guest-Artist Kickstarter Campaign

December 30, 2010

Local improvisation organization Out of Your Head Collective just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a guest-artist series in anticipation of its two-year anniversary in March (see fundraising video, above). The collective, founded by Quartet Offensive bassist Adam Hopkins and guitarist Matt Frazao, has put on weekly Tuesday night concerts at the Windup Sapce since January 2009, in hopes of bringing artists to Baltimore much in the same way the Red Room has for years. Out of Your Head has never charged a cover, hoping to entice people out on a Tuesday night to check out something new.

“The music can be a little weird and unusual, so we want people to come check it out and feel like they’re not having to make a commitment,” Hopkins says by phone about the series. “If you don’t like it, you leave, and you’re out maybe a beer.”

The collective’s fundraising goal is modest ($550) because, according to Hopkins, it’s looking only to cover the costs involved in bringing a guest artist to Baltimore. Every $500 raised over its target will be put toward bringing another guest artist to the city. Out of Your Head is a musical adventure, not a business plan.

Contribute here.

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