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Write About Music on the Internet for Actual Money

November 2, 2010

No, seriously. The writing world isn’t all shit like this and this. You have thoughts and ideas and can express them well in language–you should get some actual money.

We’re looking for a couple more people who can write about local music. Maybe some show reviews, but mainly quickie previews, Q&As, single/video reviews. Witty, interesting, and original content.

Send a bit about yourself, what you want to write about, and a couple of things you’ve written to

  • Paulahughes

    wow. bashing other blogs by calling them shit. Stay classy CP. Don’t you think you should focus on your weak content before you start looking for someone to occasionally write about music? Ask around. You’re the joke of the city…

  • Michael Byrne

    I don’t think I called any blog shit or shitty in general. The situation of a major daily newspaper filling its labyrinth of blogs will unpaid writers is, however, shit.

  • BlogFail

    ah but if he had called any of those blogs shit or shitty, he would have been right.