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Confirmed: Ponytail Calls It Quits (For Now)

August 6, 2010

The Bmore Musically Informed blog got confirmation from guitarist Dustin Wong yesterday that, “The [Ponytail] set at Whartscape would probably be the last show in a while. Everybody is off going about their own endeavors, which is really exciting, I think. Ken’s writing his own music and Molly is on a journey to find her self and Jeremy drums for the Boredoms now. I think its really good, and if by chance the scattered happens to gather again, it would be another interesting experiment.”

Sad news but, on a brighter note, Dustin Wong has a solo release due on Baltimore-booster Thrill Jockey this fall.

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  • MarthaPar

    This is really sad news! I like them so much. Hope they get back ASAP.