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Meet Your New Friends: Bmore Musically Informed Starts A Label

April 6, 2010

There’s been stirring about it for a while, some pre-announcement announcements, and now it looks like Friends Records, a collaboration between Bmore Musically Informed head-guy Brett Yale and the Sound Garden‘s manager manager Jimmy MacMillan, is getting off the ground this spring.

“All three spring releases are off at the pressing plants, and will be limited 500 copies with a digital download included,” Yale writes in a press release. The opening round of records—actual vinyl records—includes new stuff from the indieground ranks, such as Weekends, Sri Aurobindo, and Height With Friends. A Future Islands/Lonnie Walker split comes later in the summer. Fellow music blog Aural States also kicked off a label, Aural Slates, earlier this year—and, looking back, it almost feels like labels are popping up at a rate that new bands pop up. See also:

Wham City Records, Environmental Aesthetics, Under Sound, Firecracker Firecracker.

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