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Whispers for Wolves, J. Graf, Weyes Bluhd, Owen Gardner, Salamander Wool at Hexagon Jan. 20

January 19, 2010

Here at Baltimore’s Most Continuing-2009′s-Furlough-Days-in-the-Twenty-Ten Alternative Weekly, production weeks abridged due to holidays or furlough days or furloughed holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr. day Jan. 18, means sometimes shows/events announced late in the production cycle sadly get overlooked by the print edition—such as this Friday, Jan. 22 show at the Hexagon. The lineup includes a solid smattering of local and national solo acts who aren’t afraid to pull back and skullcap, reach in, and massage the cerebellum with their musical fingertips. The night includes:

Cover $6. Starts 9 p.m..

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