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Noise in Brief, Jan. 22: All the Baltimore Music News That Isn’t Fit to Print

January 22, 2010

According to a tweet from The Baltimore Sun‘s Justin Fenton, eight people have been tazed outside of the Club Paradox in the past three months.

Weird/bad shit going on at the LOF/t with the upshot seeming to be that there is no more LOF/t.

Dru Hill reunites, mostly. [The Baltimore Sun]

You should design a new logo for the Hexagon.

Enjoy a new music video from Beach House, which has like 20 more of these coming out on a DVD very soon. [Bmore Musically Informed]

Whole buncha Baltimore heads are putting on a performance of Terry Riley’s opus In C at the Soft House.

Baltimore rap upstart Smash declares himself the king. [Government Names]