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Fall Massive Too Massive, Shut Down By Fire Marshal

November 30, 2009

According to a post on the Buzzlife message board, last weekend’s Fall Massive party, a suitably ginormous drum ‘n’ bass, house, techno, and more dance party, packed ‘em into Paradox a little too tight Saturday night. Actually, make that a lot too tight: the promoter reported ticket sales hitting the 1,500 mark, putting the event about 700 people over capacity.

Steez Promo‘s Evan Weinstein explains:

“When the authorities initially arrived we were under the impression that the event was attendance was [sic] 1500, which we understood to be the legal capacity. By the end of the evening we came to find out that the actual legal capacity was around 800, which is well below any number ever discussed with the venue. After a series of discussions between the owner of the venue and the authorities along with walkthroughs by police and fire personnel, the order was given that the venue was to be shut down for the evening.”

The tone of the post is extremely apologetic, and Weinstein offers that there will be a make-up event in January.

“We have secured the entire venue Bourbon Street for a massive of epic proportion [sic] on January 17th, 2010, the evening before Martin Luther King Day. The event will feature a 2900 legal capacity, 3 areas of music featuring 12 headliners, state of the art lighting and sound, amazing drink specials, special effect lighting, and various other bells and whistles in order to present an event that is beyond anyone’s expectations. We will work swiftly and diligently to satisfy everyone inconvenienced by last night’s situation by presenting this event to them for free as well as providing additional bonus features for those who purchased VIP tickets.”