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The Bellevederes, tonight at the 13th Floor

April 30, 2009

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Noise caught local combo the Bellevederes’ first show back on March 7 at the Windup Space, the words “soul revue” getting us out of the house on one of those rare Saturday evenings when the evening’s schedule wasn’t already overrun with art openings and/or non-work obligations. And once this ensemble hit the stage, lord love a duck was leaving the house a good decision. A five-piece band–keyboardist Sean Beier (Oxter, ex-Mofofunka), bassist Ryan Finnerin (Red Vines), drummer E.J. Shaul-Thompson (Caleb Stine and the Brakemen), guitarist Burke Sampson (Caleb Stine and the Brakemen), trumpeter Jake Honoroff, and trombonist Micah Huerta (Modern Girls, general musician/producing busybody)–lays down soulful funk, easy strolling R&B, and classic ’50 and ’60s highball cad jams as if born to it. And then two petite female vocalists, Denny Finnerin and Kelly Grochmal, just flat out belt their fucking balls off. Their online songlist includes many a classic, from Etta James to the Meters, Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin, and at the first show the Bellevederes actually pulled off a Beatles cover that didn’t immediately make you want to bring up lunch. A classy, brassy good time–and they’re back, tonight at the 13th Floor at 10 p.m.

ADDENDUM: As of 5:19 pm, Noise received an e-mail from the Bellevederes’ Sean Beier announcing that tonight’s show has been canceled due to a band member’s illness.