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Dischord Records Vinyl Re-up

March 12, 2009

Marginal Man’s Identity | Image by

Fellow vinyl junkies: last week Dischord Records posted a little bulletin about its ongoing vinyl re-mastering of its back catalog and links to its re-mastering process. For the fan/consumer, all this means is that a great wealth of Dischord vinyl is available again, including Fugazi’s Red Medicine and the indispensable Faith/Void split 12-inch. (Click here and here for all currently available re-mastered titles.)

More good news came in Dischord’s March 10 e-mail newsletter announcing re-masters in the works, which include Rites of Spring’s self-titled 1985 LP and the mighty Marginal Man’s long out-of-print 1984 Identity EP.

Thank you, Joe Gross, for the heads up.

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