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Reptilian Records To Shutter In January

December 4, 2008

Well, the good news is that it appears the record label of same name and the online store will remain intact–nothing has been said to indicate otherwise, anyhow. But the nearly two decade old punk/hardcore/everything-else-loud outlet cum institution Reptilian Records will close down next month, according to a post today at by store founder/owner/operator Chris X. To wit: “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE This sale will last until mid-January. The sale will expand to include ALL ITEMS in stock, and the discount will grow as well. The webstore also has a sale going on for you out-of-towners. Buy everything. ALL MUST GO. Reptilian will be closing it’s doors when the sale ends. They may open again, they may not. Killoggs heard it FIRST! More news to come…” The kids are gonna be bummed.

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