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Maxmillion Dunbar Wishes You A Happy Holidaze

December 19, 2008

A proper early Christmas present, Maxamillion Dunbar (Andrew Field Pickering)–Food For Animals MC, Future Times label boss, and producer/DJ about the Baltimore/Washington area–just dropped this nice little “Holidaze” mix for your funky fireside pleasure. Pretty much all groove, it moves nicely from disco-funk to zouk to burbling deep house to frostier techno like it all was separated at birth. It’ll rule your weekend. Promise. Find it here.

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Maxmillion Dunbar – Wouldn’t Matter

2. Autechre – Goz Quarter

3. Rhythm Based Lovers – Snow Drift

4. Dizzy K – Yes I Love You (Max D Vamp Out)

5. Isolee – Enrico 6. Kassav’ – Lagué Moin

7. Timmy Regisford – I Get Deep

8. T.O.M Project – Renaissance

9. Maxmillion Dunbar – Sugar No Guns

10. Cappuccino – Hell Dance With Me

11. XDB – F.E.B

12. Maxmillion Dunbar – Drumboogie

13. Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmer’s Groove

14. G.A.N.G – KKK

15. Goodie Mob – Black Ice (Ice You Can’t See loop)