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Leak: Height With Friends, “The Woods” (from the forthcoming Baltimore Highlands)

November 17, 2008

Height With Friends

A large part of Height‘s appeal as a rapper is his fraught, heady flow, not necessarily angry or urgent but ticked enough that you know business is meant. I’d have a hard time calling Height, Dan Keech to the government, a party rapper, at least in the bubbly, sprightly AK Slaughter sense. You won’t find that Height flow lacking on “The Woods,” but it’s surrounded by a veritable forest of deft, forward-thinking production–ringing guitar, dubbed in rhythmic vocal loop, meaty bassline. Very nice. The track is off Height’s forthcoming Wham City album Baltimore Highlands, which has an extensive production cast including PT Burnem, King Rhythm, Mic Free, Jones, and Height himself, hence the “with friends” adjunct. Height calls out PT Burnem in the track (“two friends crunching leaves/ out in the wilderness”) so I’m guessing that’s who does the production on this one.

Stream “The Woods” here.