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KISS My Assets . . . Goodbye

November 21, 2008

Scott Francis Gianforte, a 38-year-old man from Frederick, has a helluva collection of KISS memorabilia. A KISS bar stool, a whole lotta KISS dolls, a KISSOPOLY board game, KISS hats and belt buckles and even a KISS toothbrush, air freshener, and ashtray–and that’s just for starters. In all, the value of Gianforte’s collection of 95 KISS items recently was put at nearly $4,300. That’s according to a pretty authoritative outfit known as the U.S. Government.

The feds put a value on Gianforte’s KISS collection because Gianforte was convicted of drug dealing earlier this year. On Nov. 14, the government filed a civil forfeiture suit–read the pdf–to take legal possession of Gianforte’s assets derived from the drug game–including his KISS collection and a bunch of Gianforte’s rock-band, computer-gaming, and sound-and-video equipment. If the government wins, Gianforte’s seized assets will be put up for auction.

Collectors interested in getting their hands on Gianforte’s collection of KISS stuff–or simply those looking to outfit the best basement rec room ever–are advised to follow the case in federal court. It is titled “United States of America v. Assorted Personal Property (Gianforte),” U.S. District Court of Maryland civil case number 08-cv-03072-AMD, and assistant U.S. attorney Richard Charles Kay is handling the matter.

Feds Nab Drug Dealer’s KISS Collectibles

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