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“Wzt Hearts No Longer”

October 21, 2008

A Wzt Hearts Incarnation Of Yore

Strained under the pressures of maintaining a band long distance and many, many solo/side projects, the too-brief psych-noise quartet Wzt Hearts are disbanding, according to an e-mail sent out this afternoon by member Jason Urick. “The challenges of staying active while being physically displaced from one another eventually took it’s toll as we all have been involved with other aspects of our life as well,” he writes. “We are extremely thankful to all those who we’ve met, played with, and worked with over the last four years and we hope to continue those relationships as we all move onto other projects.”

He goes on to outline the many various places we can now find the Wzt Hearts alumni:

Jeff Donaldson is currently on tour in Europe doing sound for our good friends These Are Powers, as well as remaining very active in the 8-bit world (both audio and video) with his NoTendo project and will be performing shows with fellow ex-Wzter Mike Haleta at the Cakeshop in NYC in November and December.

Shaun Flynn is currently playing in various formations in and outside of Baltimore (included the just wrapped-up Round Robin Tour w/ David Zimmerman [ex-Ecstatic Sunshine] and Mark Brown).

Mike Haleta is planning a record with Voltage Spooks, his trio with Rick Reed and Keith Rowe (of AMM), as well as continuing his backbreakerneckbrace project with his wife, Dawn.

Jason Urick is currently finishing a solo full-length under his long-dormant moonstealingproject alter ego as well as a 12-inch and a split 7-inch (with Jason Willet of Half Japanese/Leprechaun Catering) under his own name. He is also currently working on a set with David Zimmerman to be performed at the Baltimore Museum of Art [on Dec. 5] in response to Franz West’s sculpture exhibit.