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Sonar Gets a Roommate, the Talking Head

May 5, 2008

The space at 203 Davis Street is once again empty. Noise just got off the phone with Talking Head booker/manager Adam Savage, and official word is that the club is moving posthaste around the corner into Sonar’s lounge space. Details were unclear as to why, but whatever the reason, the move is sudden–Savage was in a scramble, and Talking Head’s web site has yet to be updated as of today. “We’re not moving back,” he says.

The good news is that all of the Talking Head staff will be moving as well, and most of the shows booked at Talking Head, save for “a couple,” will be saved, too. The bad news is that, well, Baltimore is losing a classic space, one that’s held three of the city’s best rock clubs (the Ottobar and Chambers being the other two). “It’s been a dirty rock club for something like 25 years,” Savage says. But Savage promised that he’ll be at work right away to “start bringing the [Talking Head] vibe back” after the move. Well, good, but it just won’t be same without the tree-fort staircase.

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