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Outed: Tokyo Police Club, Sunday at Talking Head

April 25, 2008

Suck it, MySpace–consider your “secret show” publicized. If our blog editor tool had a “fireworks” button, we’d write it in the sky: Tokyo Police Club, this Sunday at the Talking Head, for free. We want to see a line around the block for that thing.

If MySpace spite isn’t enough, we might suggest going and actually listening to the band: It doesn’t suck, an all-things-in-one, high-energy indie-rock band from Toronto that would probably be in Sonar’s main room if this were a “normal” show.

By the by, given that booking around Baltimore this season leaves a lot to be desired (to be kind) and half the good stuff is kinda secret anyhow, isn’t a “secret show” a mite redundant and, well, dumb?

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