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Confirmation: There Goes the Neighborhood

April 18, 2008

| Image by MEL GUAPO

As we mentioned before, Rolling Stone was on the lurk a ways back around town, and it turns out it had something to do with our fair city getting tagged “Best Scene” by the geriatric music rag. Well, neat. It’s nice seeing people–Beach House, Deacon City (apparently), Double Dagger, Dark Room Productions, David Byrne–getting credit where it’s due.

There’s something Rolling Stone missed, though, and I actually had to run it by another set of eyes here at the office just to be sure: not one mention of club music. The one thing that is uniquely Baltimore–to say little of it being one of biggest movements in dance music anywhere right now–and somehow it slipped below the radar.

On a related note, if you grab the April issue of XLR8R, you’ll find a Baltimore-specific supplement that does hip-hop and club music proper with words on Scottie B., Blaq Starr, Labtekwon, Rye Rye, and Tax Lo. (Small-world disclosure: I’m a regular contributer to XLR8R.)