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Because Kids Love the Grateful Dead (with correction): bTeams Up With WTMD

April 11, 2008

b, the Sun‘s soon-to-be offshoot daily newspaper for the hip kids, announced today that it will be nicking a good amount of its music coverage from WTMD, the Towson University radio station. As in, the newspaper, on the hunt for so-called user-generated content, is basically having DJs write stuff and printing radio-show transcriptions. In charge of the whole shebang will be WTMD editorial coordinator Melissa Goode, so . . . we leave you with this, from a press release WTMD sent out this morning an email WTMD sent out to its listeners, as we were corrected rather bitchily this afternoon:

Melissa will be stepping out of her mid-day show to focus on the writing, editing and other activities associated with b. As part of this new adventure, we’ve asked Melissa to come up with a new show to follow the Grateful Dead Hour on Wednesday nights. If you’ve heard Melissa’s interviews from Bonnaroo and other live music events, you know she’s a big fan of live Jam-Band based music. We know Melissa will take us somewhere exciting!

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