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Dru Hill Drama Caught on Tape

March 7, 2008

Not only did local Top 40 R&B quartet Dru Hill get back together yesterday, but it broke up again live on the radio about 10 minutes later. And you can watch the whole thing happen on video.

This is not news to dedicated fans of 92Q‘s Big Phat Morning Show, where original members Woody, Siquó, Jazz, and Nokio were back together on the air for the first time in almost a decade. Whatever new project they had in the works probably isn’t in the works anymore, though, after James “Woody Rock” Green basically backed out of the reteaming into an open microphone, citing his commitments to doing God’s work. (He left the group originally in 1999 for similar reasons.) You can imagine how upset the other members were, but you don’t have to: As tipped to us by City Paper contributing writer/blogger Al Shipley, somebody shot footage of the whole thing.

As gawk-worthy as this fiasco is, it’s more than a little sad, too. Quiet as it’s kept these days, Dru Hill was a bigger pop success than any other Baltimore act of the past 15 years. These days its legacy tends to be defined by Sisqó’s 1999 solo hit “Thong Song,” but the first two Dru Hill albums featured plenty of compelling smooth R&B buoyed by the quartet’s luxurious vocals. And if this means we’re never gonna hear “Never Make a Promise” (talk about drama) live again, well, that just sucks.