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Dance Party for Dummies

March 26, 2008

| Image by photo courtesy of the artist

Leading something of a double life–immersed in academia as a Johns Hopkins University grad student by day and DJ by night–Adam Gonzo is a regular at the Ottobar’s weekly Tensday party, where he spins tonight. Gonzo’s sets omnivorously pilfer from vintage disco and house, pop and hip-hop, with plenty of odes to local sounds–from Baltimore club to the Death Set–and at times they hang together purely on inspiring a compulsive locomotion.

Fittingly, he’s christened his straight-to-the web, free series of mixes “Dance Party for Dummies.” The series’ recently released third volume quickly sets the slightly off-kilter tone, opening with Snoop Dogg’s vocodor-licious “Sensual Seduction.” There’s a persistent romance throughout the mix’s 40 minutes, albeit more akin to “wild at heart, weird on top” kind glimpsed in Barry Gifford novels than Hallmark Channel fare. Snoop’s throwback jam mingles with authentic synth-heavy 80s fluff tempered by well-timed grit–like the extended remix of Blaq Starr and Rye Rye’s “Shake it to the Ground” or the closer, Timbaland’s “Come Around featuring M.I.A. The best moments of themix–such as the upbeat take on Royksopp featuring Erland Oye’s wistfully airy “Remind Me”–are when the mood slyly shifts, slipping from sweat to sighs and back again.

Download it here.

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