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Matmos’ Upcoming Synth Swoon

February 21, 2008

For the past few months, rakish electronic musicians and recent Bmore transplants, Matmos have been busy settling into their new digs and wrapping up their all-synth album Supreme Balloon. Slated for a May 6th release on Matador Records, Supreme Balloon uses an array of vintage synthesizers, some quite rare, and features guest collaborators including Jay Lesser, Safety Scissors, Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra, and Keith Fullerton Whitman. The album will be available on CD, double LP, and as a digital download, with the latter two featuring a bonus track, “Hashish Master” from minimalist composer Terry Riley.

For a taste of the self-described ‘cosmic pop sound-origami’ check out “Rainbow Flags,” an ebullient lead single that puts one in mind of brunching robots.
Taking its cue from mid-century exotica, the track has that tropical-tinged cheese down pat, accented by horns that sound like the garbled adult characters of Peanuts after a few too many mimosas.

If that’s not enough to tide you over, local music blog Aural States has the first of a two-part interview with Matmos up. Drew and Martin discuss the perils of driving in Baltimore (“It’s like a spider on acid weaved a web and they threw street names down on it”), the city’s experimental music scene, and whether or not John Cage did psychedelic mushrooms.