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Video Fun: Blaqstarr and Rye Rye, “Shake It to the Ground”

November 19, 2007

We could go on all day about the song, sure. We could talk about how Blaqstarr sets up Rye Rye’s raps—no voice says “16-year-old girl” more than Rye Rye—with beats so delicate they feel like rabbit punches (or should belong on a Field cut if, you know, the Field was into breakbeats), or how perfectly the cut builds into a housey club anthem in the last minute. But, really, the video overflows with so many good vibes that we can’t stop watching. Normal cats dancing by the harbor, dancing on a Druid Hill (we think) street, little kids dancing in front of a Misfits poster, a family dancing in their living room, club footage of people—wait for it—dancing.

By the by, Rye Rye and Blaqstarr perform together at Sonar on Nov. 30 with M.I.A. Tickets are $15.

Tip o’ the hat to Julianne Shepherd for the heads-up.