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The View From Berlin

November 9, 2007

| Image by Photo courtesy of the artist

Earlier this week we received an e-mail—subject line: “Rediculous B’more Bootleg from Dj Donna Summer!!”—from Jason Forrest, aka DJ Donna Summer, Berlin-by-way-of-New York crunchy techno producer extraordinaire. (His Zea remixes are gold.) Attached was an MP3 file for a DJ Donna Summer cut, “Eating Crow,” and the explanation “we’re doing these really super-fun ‘Birthday Parties’ in Berlin, and during the last one, we really started playing a bunch of bootleg Bmore tracks. So, um, you guessed it—I had to make some too! HA! Here’s an especially cheesy B’more track that I think SHOULD make people go nuts at your party!”

We popped it in—or, rather, dragged it to our iTunes folder—and promptly said, “What the hell does this have to do with Baltimore?” (And then we said, “Fuck, this is really cheesy.”) Too slow. Misplaced breaks. It doesn’t really spell club.

So, I asked Forrest what’s up. Misunderstanding my question, he replied with a short overview of club and asked where I was from. Well, Baltimore (now). He added this choice bit: “Here in Berlin, the city is CONTROLLED by minimal techno, and the party scene here finds the Bmore stuff pretty exotic still. One thing we’ve been playing are more and more of these rediclous Bmore remixes, and at our last party we all had a lot of fun dancing to the stupidest tracks. (Yes, Bmore renditions of ‘You Can Call Me Al’ and ‘Bettie Davis Eyes,’ etc.) And more importantly, if this music is new to you (as it is here), it’s just crazy fucking FUN!”

A couple e-mails later we got it down to, “I’ll again maintain my mix isn’t real Bmore, it’s a hipster approximation of.” Fair enough.

Here it is for your listening pleasure. Grab some wine and crackers.