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For Your Ears: WZT Hearts at the Ottobar, Nov. 19

November 27, 2007

WZT Hearts

We rolled up to the Ottobar two Mondays ago just as WZT Hearts was herding into its big, loud close and, alas, missed most everything but an echo bouncing down Howard Street. But, awesomely enough, Jeff Mewbourn (aka the Librarian) from Beatbots A/V Club was recording the whole thing. Good stuff. Hearts have a tribal vibe here; lots of drum reverb (for a weird Norse metal effect), buried moans, Animal Collective-y hoots and hollers, electronics at a minimum. The last Jackie-O Motherfucker jam I attended was with dueling drummers—this kinda reminds me of that. Music after the jump…

Photo courtesy of Beatbots.