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Fletchers Changes Hands

November 27, 2007

In a note sent out yesterday, Fletchers‘ owners Andrea and Bryan Burkert (the latter also owns Sound Garden), announced the Fells Point club has been sold. The new owners, scheduled to take the reins on Dec. 5 are none other than Ottobar co-owner (and former City Paper promotions director) Craig Boarman and local drummer/bartender Evan Tanner. There are still a whole lot of questions we’re trying to get answered about the transfer–what’s the fate of live music at the club? the fate of the staff?–and we’ll update you as soon as we have some answers.

The letter from the Burkerts only listed some thank-yous, included a link to Fletchers’ “wall of fame” of past shows–which is actually really impressive and makes us wonder what the hell happened since the days when Yo La Tengo and Fishbone played the joint–and gave details for their farewell party: Dec. 4, from 9 to 2.