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Glenn Danzig Takes a Spill

October 25, 2007


Of all the nights to stay home with a mug of peppermint tea, it just had to be the one for Glenn Danzig to have an onstage meltdown. Damn. Word from online music mag Rock and Roll Experience is that Danzig (the dude, not the whole band) fell off the stage at last night’s Rams Head Live show. No, he didn’t fuck up a stunt or get grabbed by a fan; he just got too close to the edge. And fell.

Afterward, the legendary frontman/disciple of darkness played a song and then went backstage for a short time while the band jammed-or whatever it’s called in theater-metal parlance. He came back out “visibly not that cheerful anymore” and “moody.” He yelled at a roadie to put green tape on the edge of the stage instead of black, chewed his bandmates out during a couple of numbers for playing too fast, and botched some lyrics. Moreover, the crowd was denied its promised Misfits revival session. Shame. Rock and Roll Experience talked to a security guard after the set and was told Danzig may have dislocated a shoulder.

On the upside, the mag notes that Danzig stuck around long enough to autograph something from everyone in the audience, and the fan that waited longest got a free box set.

[Tip of the hat to Idolator for the heads up]

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Photo: From We think Danzig would approve.