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Because if It’s Even Only Vaguely Lungfish-Related . . .

May 7, 2007

Unless you’re also a Texan or ventured down to the South by Southwest music conference in recent years, chances are you prolly haven’t heard of Austin’s heavy-psych, stoner-rocking, garage-schlocking, and fabulously named power trio Tia Carrera. Think Comets on Fire before it pussed out on 2006′s Avatar, or any one of those noise-rocking middle fingers coming out of the White Denim axis of power, only with as much Blue Cheer and ZZ Top as Harry Pussy and Drunks With Guns in its record collection.

Well, Tia Carrera has recently released a new CD EP, Heaven/Hell, on Austin’s Arclight Records, and if you’re one of the first 100 people to order it, it comes with a free 7-inch. (After the first 100 orders go out, you can buy the 7-inch separately.) Just what does that one-sided 45 offer? Tia Carrera covering the Lungfish behemoth “You Are the War” off 2005′s Feral Hymns. Needless to say, Noise mail-ordered this bad boy forthwith.

We need to thank Joe Gross–former colleague, all-around good guy, and the Austin American-Statesman pop critic–for alerting us to this little slice of goodness. He has this working theory that as Lungfish has slowed down its already serpentine musical levitation that its mantra rock has become more alluring to recent years’ beardo heavy-psych warriors and ambient ooze-core metal doomsayers, who recognize a kindred spirit when they hear one–and cites this Tia Carrera 7-inch as evidence. Or, as he sighed over the phone, fuzz-noise rockers are finally making albums just for him.

And, you know, us.