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Hey, You: Go to This Show

March 7, 2007

| Image by Holy Mountain

Blues Control, Chris Grier, Snacks, and Beastmaster, at the Bank, 2013 Frederick Ave., Thursday, March 8, 9:30 P.M.

Occasionally, there are live musical events that we’d like to single out for special appreciation, or that show up on our radar too late in the game to make it into the dead-trees version of our fine newspaper but that we still think you should check out, even if in this case it means the painful choice of skipping out on NBC’s Thursday night “comedy done right” lineup. (Except for Scrubs, man, fuck that.) Blues Control is a New York keyboard/electronics and guitar duo that makes “stoner rock” with all the grand and spacy ’70s third-eye-vortex-of-swirling-black-tar tempos and probably-most-interesting-when-you’re-baked repetition, but that ditches most of the metal signifiers (pounding drums, fuzzy power chords, etc.) that usually come appended to the tag “stoner rock.” It’s on Holy Mountain (the label of fellow duo and former Sleep-ers Om and B-more’s own Daniel Higgs’ most recent solo album), its two members have long hair in the photos, and they’re definitely gonna keep chasing that one note over the hedges and through the woods, if that triangulates the sound for you.

Meanwhile, Chris Grier is a noisy member of To Live and Shave in L.A., we babbled at length about improvised electronics nogoodniks Snacks in our very first Noise post, and we’re probably most intrigued by local subterranean one-woman hardcore techno machine Beastmaster, her beats rumbling under the concrete and through the alleys of the west side.