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YouTube: A Reason to Go On Living

January 3, 2007

In this year’s Best of Baltimore issue we hipped you to the trend for young Baltimoreans equipped with just a digital-video camera and a stereo posting clips of themselves busting moves to B-more club music on YouTube. All it took to uncover this world–complete with Eastside/Westside dance crew beef and plenty of indecipherable netspeak shout-outs in the comments–was City Paper arts editor Bret McCabe idly plugging “Baltimore” into the YouTube search box one afternoon. Since then, the “Chicken Noodle Soup” song and dance, as well as related dance crazes like Chicago jukin’ and various leanings and rockings from Atlanta, have made it into The New York Times, and dozens of blogs and zines. Now, through the magic of the internet, we can actually link to some examples.

Some young folks kick it between classes in their socks:

A young gentleman rocking off in his living room looking like his limbs suddenly have no bones in them anymore.

Popping in the street.

OK, they’re not all winners.

There’s probably a whole essay in how much this stuff resembles dances like the Charleston.

Mostly, this stuff just makes us feel way old and our joints hurt just looking at it. But there’s tons of it. The YouTube dance craze appears here to stay.

Meanwhile, on the other side of internet prime time, local avant-pranksters and circuit-benders Snacks, better known to the people at the phone company as Dan Breen and Tom Boram, have been uploading their own sensory-assault clips to their YouTube account, sent to us via an e-mail tip from Snacks themselves.

Vintage summer ’04 live footage of the boys at the True Vine record shop dressed for a day at the beach in Slumberland. They’re almost as good at dancing as the club music kids.

Flashin’ lights and funny noises.

Wherein Snacks re-creates Deliverance for the High Zero set.

Snacks re-edits a Middle Eastern Star Wars knockoff with its own new soundtrack.

Oh, and welcome to Noise, City Paper‘s new online forum for everything music, kinda music, anti-music, or somehow involving sound in one way or another.