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Club Music Legend Dumps Entire Record Library

January 22, 2007

And City Paper music editor basically forfeits his paycheck for the next six months. A little birdie–OK, an e-mail from True Vine Records co-proprietor and erstwhile CP contributor Ian Nagoski–has informed us that a certain legendary figure in the local DJ community and club music industry has unloaded his entire collection of vintage (think more 1980s and ’90s than ’60s) vinyl at the Hampden store. That’s apparently over 7,000 records, a lifetime’s worth of music. As more club music DJs (and DJs in general) shift to CD “turntables” and computer mixing programs–at DJ Technics’ appearance at Taxlo two Fridays ago, there was a laptop in effect but no vinyl that we could see–this will probably be happening more and more, which for vinyl freaks, depending on your mean income and willpower, is either a blessing or a curse. What’s in the haul? Well, it’s doubtful even Scottie or the True Vine know just yet; the sorting and pricing process alone makes our head spin. Still, the e-mail tantalizingly mentions everything from techno classics that barely made it out of Detroit city limits back then to foundational club tracks to enough hip-hop to power a small college radio station well into the next decade to all sorts of dance and “urban” records and the kind of odd one-offs that end up in someone’s collection over the years. The records should be making their way to the store’s shelves soon and steadily, and for more info you can check out the True Vine’s web site, where they’ll surely be posting highlights from the haul.