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Baltimore City Paper home page.

Ten Years Ago in City Paper: March 6, 2002

March 7, 2012

Joyce Lombardi’s feature examines the potential of microbicides to prevent the spread of HIV.

In Mobtown Beat, Afefe Tyehimba reports on a tax-rights campaign aimed at low-income workers.

The Nose goes to Annapolis for a bill hearing about ending tax credits for rehabbing historic buildings.

Tom Chalkley’s Charmed Life visits Muriel Heineman’s house in Bolton Hill.

The Mail has letters from Charles B. Nieberding, Jason Horwitz, Kimberly Jackson, Shane Tanzymore, Larnell Custis Butler, Karen Griner Smith, and Jon Parker.

The columns are: Sandy Asirvatham’s Underwhelmed, on mean girls; Mink Stole’s Think Mink, on lovers’ pasts and grief-stricken guilt; Wiley Hall III’s Urban Rhythms, on the Vietnam War; and Tom Scocca’s 8 Upper, on Cole Field House’s funeral.

Scocca & MacLeod’s proto-blog, Funny Paper, reads the comics so you don’t have to.

In Imprints: Michael Anft lauds Ann Beattie’s novel, The Doctor’s House, as “a page-turner with brains”; Frank Diller is left cold by Jean Thompson’s novel, Wild Blue Yonder; and Ian Nagoski has a bad trip reading Nick Tosches’s The Last Opium Den.

In Art, Mike Giuliano goes to three exhibits at Towson University.

Bones is Caroline Define’s poem, Women.

Rjyan Kidwell takes up the Playstation 2 controls to give State of Emergency a test drive in The Arts.

John Barry’s Stage is happily confused by Center Stage’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

In Feedback, Bret McCabe enjoyed saxophonist Don Braden’s gig at Caton Castle.

Geoffrey Himes’ Music defends Diana Krall and Jane Monheit from jazz-purists’ attacks.

In Film: Joe MacLeod puts Silent Running in its place; Tom Scocca takes The Great White Hype’s punches; Adele Marley counsels abstention from 40 Days and 40 Nights but takes a shine to Italian for Beginners; and Eric Allen Hatch plays toesies with Diary of a Chambermaid.

Michelle Gienow’s Dish beefs up at Chester’s Steakhouse.

In Cheap Eats, Tom Scocca is amazed by the delicious deals at Shepherd’s Pies of Scotland.