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Baltimore City Paper home page.

Ten Years Ago in City Paper: June 21, 2000

June 25, 2010

The late Ralph Brave’s feature decodes the effort to map the human genome, with a sidebar on where to look online for DNA sequencing data.

The Nose untangles discrimination flaps in the Baltimore Police Department and gives the coda on the Joyce Scott exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

In Mobtown Beat, Tom Scocca profiles 3-year-old athlete Kyneshi Jeter and Van Smith covers the politics of parking in Hampden.

Charmed Life is Charles Cohen on Life Beyond, Captain Tom Hallock Sr.’s burial-at-sea business.

The columns are: Sandy Asirvatham’s Underwhelmed takes issue with the sexual politics of Catholic propagandists; Wiley Hall III’s Urban Rhythms explores Julius Erving’s search for his missing son; Joab Jackson’s Cyberpunk looks at a web site that charts the dot-com implosion; and Tom Scocca’s 8 Upper dissects the NBA’s Kobe Bryant.

D. C. Culbertson, in Dance, previews Aurora Dance Company’s fifth-anniversary concert.

Stage is Anna Ditkoff on Theatre Hopkins’ production of Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Irishmaan and Brennen Jensen previewing Slammanomics 3 at Arena Players.

Phil Andrews’ Feedback dubs Starscape a “smashing success.”

In Television, Adele Marley tries to understand Survivor and The Real World: New Orleans.

Film is: Heather Joslyn eats up Chicken Run; Jack Purdy loves Love and Death, Luisa F. Ribeiro says Breathless remains “cool,” and Ian Grey wishes something happened in Boys and Girls.

In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin says to avoid the pasta at Pisa Pizza Buffet. (Editor’s note: Please remember that this restaurant review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)