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Ten Years Ago in City Paper: June 19, 2002

June 19, 2012

Tom Chalkley’s feature profiles the Baltimore GOP, explaining its dogged optimism in the face of crippling irrelevance, along with its strong civil-rights history.

In Mobtown Beat, Afefe Tyehimba reports on the Baraka School’s ongoing alternative-education efforts.

Brennen Jensen’s Charmed Life goes to the Loading Dock, a surplus building-supplies distributor.

The Mail has letters from Medina Krause and Rose Ferrandi.

The columns are: Sandy Asirvatham’s Underwhelmed, on adoption; Mink Stole’s Think Mink, on crude friends and cheap parents; and Wiley Hall III’s Urban Rhythms, on predator priests.

Scocca & MacLeod’s proto-blog, Funny Paper, reads the comics so you don’t have to.

In Books, Michael Anft delves into the consumption junction chronicled in James B. Twitchell’s Living It Up and Gary Cross’ An All-Consuming Century.

Imprints is: Heather Joslyn, liking the authenticity of the characters in Erika Krouse’s short-story collection, Come Up and See Me Sometime; Mahinder Kingra, feeling tricked by Jose Carlos Somoza’s novel, The Athenian Murders; and Rupert Wondowski, chilled by Dennis Cooper’s novel, My Loose Thread.

Bones is Karen M. Keen’s poem, Structural Integrity.

In The Arts, Natalie Davis weighs the stakes for AFRAM.

John Barry’s Stage tips a hat to Paragon Theatre’s production of Ken Ludwig’s Lend Me a Tenor.

In Music, Bret McCabe mediates Eminem and Moby.

Geoffrey Himes’ No Cover finds Lake Trout’s sampling “ingenious.”

In Film: Adele Marley calls The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys a “bummer” and The Mystic Masseur “boring”; and Eric Allen Hatch says The Bourne Identity “thoroughly mediocre” and Detour a “film-noir classic.”

Michelle Gienow’s Dish finds that Thir-Tea First Street Café and Tea Room has good food at an avoidable price: extremely slow service.

In Cheap Eats, Christopher Skokna says Harry Little Carry Out Shop has a good meatball sub, but that’s about it.

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