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Ten Years Ago in City Paper: July 19, 2000

July 20, 2010

Tom Scocca’s feature gets the story of West Baltimore’s Umar Boxing Club.

Mobtown Beat is Terrie Snyder’s report that manufacturing defects caused the 1998 police-helicopter crash that killed Baltimore police officer Barry Wood. Meanwhile, the Nose suspects University of Maryland Medical Center of intimidating union demonstrators, finds a possible way for public-schools activists to be heard, and announces the new, post-Audrey Herman owners of the Spotlighters Theatre.

Brennen Jensen’s Charmed Life finds that Maryland is pretty safe from earthquakes.

The columns are: Sandy Asirvatham’s Underwhelmed, summarizing the journal Skeptic’s discussion of sports and race; Wiley Hall III’s Urban Rhythms, celebrating the $145 billion jury verdict against Big Tobacco; Joab Jackson’s Cyberpunk, second-guessing the federal government’s approach to combating methamphetamine abuse; and Tom Scocca’s 8 Upper, praising fans of the ever-sucky Orioles.

In Books, Eileen Murphy’s review of Carole Maso’s two non-fiction releases—Break Every Rule and The Room Lit by Roses—concludes that Maso should stick to fiction.

Art is Mike Giuliano, on C. Grimaldis Gallery’s exhibit, Summer 2000.

Jack Purdy, in Stage, gushes—with one caveat—over the Young Victorian Theatre Company’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado.

Music is Jack Purdy’s Feedback on the Lynn Morris Band at Baldwin’s Station, Lee Gardner’s Feedback on Brian Wilson at Pier Six, and Larry Nichols’ Know Your Product on Brickfoot’s first full-length release, Poly Carbon Lens.

Adele Marley’s Television finds The League of Gentlemen refreshingly offensive.

In Film: Ian Grey is down on Groove, Luisa F. Ribeiro says What Lies Beneath is “passable schlock,” and Lee Gardner admires Ulzana’s Raid.

Try as she might, Belly Up’s Susan Fradkin just couldn’t find a way to like the Pasta Company. (Editor’s note: Please remember that this restaurant review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)