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Ana Krishna Design Fashion shoot in Arambol

March 18, 2008

I met Austrian Ana Mostoegl at Magic Park, a healing arts resort that she runs with her partner Arun Duca in Arambol, Goa. She also designs clothing using one-of-a-kind saris and natural cotton for her feminine and playful collection. She says that women’s fashion has become too masculine. Women’s power, strength and beauty lays in showing and being proud of their femininity. Ana works with a group of tailors in Arambol in producing her clothing line that she calls “Ana Krishna Design.”

Good fortune comes to you when you put the right energy out there. So Ana and I end up staying in Arambol longer to do a fashion shoot for Ana Mostoegl’s new collection. In exchange we receive free lodging and food from Magic Park and two airline tickets down to Thiruvananthapuram in southern Kerala. From there we take a bus up into the foothills of the Whestern Ghats where our next destination, the Bodytree Center, lays.

The following picture gallery shows the fashion pieces that I shot. Ana also took photos of some other designs.

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