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Whatever Happened to Roscoe Bartlett?

January 6, 2014

roscoebartlett_pPolitico Mag went “off the grid” and found Maryland’s most conservative former congressman, at age 87, building a new cabin for himself and his family.

So he’s in a doomsday compound now. But remember: he’s not your everyday wingnut. He was at IBM in the early days. He has 19 patents. He worked at Hopkins on the space program. And he comes by his pessimism honestly: “We were poor before the Depression, and we were poor after the Depression. But then I got a bachelor’s and a master’s and a doctorate,” he says. “I just thought that that kind of America I grew up in, where you could do that, wouldn’t be there for my kids.”

Here’s CP editor Evan Serpick on Bartlett, AKA “Roscoe Ravioli,” in B-Mag just before the end:

Money quote from that one (and why we miss him): “We had a campaign consultant who wanted to program me,” Bartlett says. “I said ‘It’s too late!’ I’ve been here 20 years, I’ve been saying all this stuff, I have all these votes—I am who I am. If I’m not electable, I’m not electable, but I am who I am.”

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  • William Bond

    Great overlapping stories on Mr. Bartlett! Mr. Serpick, could you put a date on your story for B-Mag for point of reference — I couldn’t find one… Good work Mr. Ericson!

  • Clearing it up…

    on Serpick story: “Issue date: May, 2012″