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Water Street concierge talks distraught woman off ledge

July 1, 2013

525311_10151317691572484_1114182643_nOn Thursday, Terrence Dailey (pictured), 28, was working the front desk at 414 Water Street, when a resident called to say that a woman had “half her body hanging off” the edge of the ninth floor parking garage. The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, was having suicidal thoughts, but Dailey’s quick thinking saved her life.

After getting the call, Dailey, a thin, tattooed concierge, called the police. Another resident came rushing down the stairs, saying the same thing. Dailey’s head—and heart— raced ahead.

“I was like, okay, let me call the attendant in the parking garage, and in the process of me talking to him, I saw an officer walk up the street,” says Dailey, a Baltimore native who’s been working at the Water Street apartment building for almost a year. “So, I ran outside and got the officer and explained the situation to him. We both went up together.”

Upon nearing the woman, who according to Dailey was in her early twenties, things escalated quickly. She was “disoriented, like she couldn’t comprehend too much,” says Dailey. “She was explaining to us that she was having a hard day and a hard life and she didn’t want to live anymore.

“I just listened to her. I really didn’t want to say nothing that could cause her to think about something more that would make her want to jump,” says Dailey. “So, I only talked about things that I was going through…like certain things with people, family, y’know, just life problems.” She sat down on the edge and listened.

After witnessing a change come over the woman, Dailey and the police officer escorted her out to East Baltimore and North Gay Street. The officer filled out a report, but the woman declined medical attention.

“I really think things happen for a reason,” says Dailey, who says he doesn’t consider himself a hero. “As I get older, I start to see things like that.”