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Walmart project dead, for now

May 20, 2014

Aerial view of the 11-acre site, bisected by Howard Street between 24th and 25th streets, that was to be a Walmart-anchored shopping center.

After spending $5 million in pre development and legal costs, WV Urban Developments is no longer trying to build a Walmart at 25th and Howard Streets, the Sun reports.

The 25th Street Station, in development for seven years at the former Anderson Automotive dealership, became a lightning rod for some local residents and business owners. Lawsuits abide even as judges have thrown some out for lack of standing. The Planning Commission OK’d a “minor” change in plans after a raucous hearing last November.

For now the project is dead. But Seawall Development may take over, the Sun reported, so expect it to rise, like a phoenix—or a zombie—depending on your perspective.

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  • GlenW

    Seems impossible to get anything built, or even torn down, in Baltimore.

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