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Update from Fells Point

October 30, 2012

About 6:30 this morning in Fells Point, as high tide approached in the aftermath of “Frankenstorm,” the harbor waters were lapping against the bulkhead along Thames Street, maybe a foot shy of overtopping it, while the outdoor patio of the Waterfront Kitchen was just barely in the drink. Come 10am, the tidewaters are at pretty much the same level, and the the intersection of Thames and Wolfe streets is still inundated. Fells Point did not lose power, and it doesn’t appear, just from walking around, that any property was damaged – though surely there are plenty of wet basements and some windows may not have kept all the rain out. The winds are now from the south, pushing water up into the harbor, and the next high tide this evening may still bring some adventure. But for now, some businesses are preparing to open, cars are returning, and people are milling about, taking photos and sightseeing what Sandy wrought – which, so far, hasn’t been much.

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