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Baltimore City Paper home page.

The Baltimore “Anybody want to buy a dryer?” Sun

August 26, 2013

sunadsIf you go to right now – or at least a few minutes ago, when we did – you might have the sudden urge to buy an appliance.

Give it a few seconds and the full-screen treatment will recede slightly, but you may be left wondering if your old Maytag could use a tune-up.

All kidding aside, as a print publication, we know the pressures the Sun is up against these days. And with horrible potential owners waiting in the wings* and seemingly endless downsizing, it must feel like the end of the world.

But we’re hoping our colleagues at Baltimore’s paper of record keep their chins up and keep a little “news” visible on their home page.

H/t to Jim Romenesko for pointing it out.

*UPDATE: As of Thursday, the Koch brothers said they were out of the running to buy the Tribune Company’s newspapers.