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Sun Spikes City Paper April Fools’ Day Issue

April 1, 2014

aprilfoolsJust weeks after the Baltimore Sun Media Group (BSMG) took ownership of City Paper, the new boss asserted its authority, refusing to publish a planned April Fools’ Day Special Issue which was to come out today.

The Special Issue – including the new tagline, “Get It Tuesday” – was to include stories about former mayor Sheila Dixon starting her own line of gift cards, current mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake starting a national commission to promote full financial audits of city government, and members of the metal band Dokken suing Eastern Shore residents for referring to their wooden boat piers as “docks.”

BSMG objected, saying that less sophisticated Sun readers might confuse the Special Issue with b, which is already planning an issue on 101 Best Mayors’ Houses.

  • Mike Z

    wow…….and it begins

  • Mike Z

    On second thought….what happened to: City Paper will remain independent from the group’s other outlets with a separate newsroom and sales team, said Timothy E. Ryan, publisher, president and CEO of Baltimore Sun Media Group.

  • Mike Z

    or even third thought: Is this THE April fools joke……you never know

  • Um

    You guys missed the joke.

  • J

    b, which has been bleeding money since day one, gets preferential treatment over CP – a legit profit center. Well, this answers the question “Will City Paper immediately begin to be dictated to and therefore suck?” pretty definitively. RIP CP.

  • dooder

    shhhhh…. this has the potential to be hilarious.

  • Chef Todd Mohr, CCE


  • Sean Tully

    You’ve got to admit it is ironic that the City Paper, who has been yapping at the heals of the Sun for years is now being taken for a walk on a leash by its new owner the Sun. Corporate America. You’ve got to love it.

  • Sean Tully

    I just noted your new address on the info page:

    Baltimore City Paper
    501 N. Calvert St.
    Baltimore, MD 21278
    (410) 523-2300

    That is too funny.

    It’s like 1984 or something. Today’s friend is yesterday’s enemy.

  • Ronald Burr

    Time to burn the motherf***er down, Pookie.