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Recent Baltimore murder victim was interviewed in Al Jazeera documentary

November 26, 2013

EDDIE_BLICK_ALJAZEERAIn Educating Black Boys, a 2012 Al Jazeera documentary by correspondent Tony Harris, Eddie Blick Jr., then a Baltimore high-school senior, talks about how he likes math more than reading. On Nov. 14, Blick was shot repeatedly while walking along the 1300 block of Laurens St. in Sandtown-Winchester, and died about a half-hour later at a hospital. He was 20 years old.

In the film, Blick – whose interview appears about 17 minutes and 40 seconds into the film, right after University of Maryland, Baltimore County president Freeman Hrabowski proclaims that “reading is thinking, and thinking is power,” – says, “If I had a choice – read a book or watch TV – I’ll watch TV, but I’ll get to the book later.” Harris explains that Blick was getting ready to graduate from Civitas High School “while reading at the level of a 10th grader.”

Blick’s Twitter page shows that he sent out his last tweet the day before he was murdered. It read, “Don’t trust these snake niggas cause Alpo killed Rich.”

The line is an apparent reference to the 1990 New York murder of Richard Porter by drug kingpin Aberto “Alpo” Martinez, Porter’s childhood friend. Martinez later told F.E.D.S. magazine that he did it because “Rich lied to me about something there was no reason to lie about. I gave him the opportunity to tell me the truth not once, but twice,” according to a 1999 New York Times article. Porter first was shot twice by an accomplice, but “he didn’t die, so I shot him in the head,” Martinez said.

The exploits of Martinez, Porter, and a third friend, Azie Faison, were the basis of the 2002 film, Paid in Full.

  • Justin summers

    Not sure why you included his last tweet, or the story about Alpo? If I
    were to include one of his tweets, though, it would be the one wrote
    the day before he was killed where he said, “I’m just a boy in the hood
    ain’t tryna die like Ricky”. Bit more poignant I think.

  • MoneyLaunderingNews

    poorly written.

  • Gahe

    “Do not trust these niggas cause snake killed Alpo Rich”. This sentence can be noticed. A death at a young age.

  • Kiara

    R.I.P Eddie , I Miss You So Much It’s Not A Day That Goes Bye &&; I Don’t Think About You , I wish they would have put so much more about you in thus how u was the only boy in the top ten percent in your class &&; how u was inroll in eastern shore..last but not least how funny nd caring you was..ilovveyouu u Eddie always nd forever