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Omar Comin’

November 3, 2009

In the wake of Hamid Karzai’s fraud-fueled resumption of power in Afghanistan, reported diplomatic overtures to the Taliban, and numerous other odd coincidences, we hereby present this handy comparison of Omar Little of ‘The Wire’ to Mullah Omar of ‘The Taliban.’

Omar Little

Fictional legend of Baltimore, a violent, impoverished and corrupt city economically dominated by heroin

Lived by a strict code of honor

Gay; robs and kills drug dealers

Orphaned at a young age

Scar on right cheek

Feared and respected in Baltimore, courted by police intelligence unit, admired by President Barack Obama

Mullah Omar

Former* supreme leader of Afghanistan, a violent, impoverished and corrupt nation economically dependent on heroin poppies

Lives by a strict code of horror

Taxes drug dealers; kills gays

Father died before he was born

Ditto; also missing right eye from shrapnel wound

Feared and respected in Afghanistan, courted by intelligence agencies and (maybe) the Obama administration

*and future?

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