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OK, But It’s Probably Like the Third-Biggest Drug Bust Ever. At Least.

March 2, 2009

WJZ and The Sun are among those reporting on the Baltimore Police Department’s ability to produce large quantities of drugs. Seized from somewhere in Southwest Baltimore. From someone. Destined for someplace. But apparently, at 91 pounds of blow, it’s the “largest cocaine seizure in city history.”

Which does make one wonder what happened with the 338 pounds seized at the Port of Baltimore announced by then-commissioner Kevin Clark back in 2004, which was then the second largest city drug bust (that story from the AP via WTOP makes mention of an earlier, larger haul at the port).

Paul Chooweenam, the defendant in the 2004 case, was sentenced to three years in federal prison, and according to the Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator he was released last year.

The Sun reported on the 2004 incident on Feb. 27 of that year, but that story is only available on their paid archives.

Update: Clarification on the largest-ness of the drug seizure in question comes in the form of the next day story in The Sun. It seems that while the city has seen bigger busts, this is the biggest haul the BPD has brought in all on its own.

For more information, see Van Smith’s story on the case posted here.

Update, one week later: Oh, look, Peter Hermann at The Sun has caught on too.

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