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NASA Gets Silly

February 18, 2011


We were a little behind the ball on this, but there’s still a chance to win a pack of NASA Bandz. . . which are exactly what you’re thinking they are. The United States’ space mainstay has created some shaped rubber bands to coordinate with its Physics of the Cosmos Program, and you can earn ’em by answering a question on a variety of NASA associated social media sites (don’t worry, it’s easy).

Winners will get five sets of three bands: a “W” shape for dark energy, a triangle for LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna), and the letters “IXO” for the International X-Ray Observatory. Just tell your kid the bands were made by aliens or something.

NASA’s Blueshift web site—“bringing the universe closer to you”—has details on how and where to participate.

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